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Ladies June Newsletter

June 30, 2018

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The June weather has been mostly marvellous with temperatures and golf balls soaring!


June 5th– Sally Mundy was the winner of the Munro Cup and came in with a net score of 68 – well done Sally.


June 16th– Captain’s Day. This was the only day it rained. Trevor, Georgia and myself greeted all the players from 7am to 3pm. The early birds got drizzled on and the late ones were drenched. Needless to say, they were substantially revived with the refreshments at the Half Way House, thanks to Sheila Sims and her team. The whole day went to plan, the Ladies Trophy was won by Louise Livings with 38 points. The Men’s Trophy went to Mark Atkins with 43 points. Many congratulations to them. The International Buffet was well received and thanks to Anna and the catering staff. The Club House was enhanced by floral arrangements kindly provided by Judy Sage – thank you Judy. Quiz Queen Jane provided yet another brilliant quiz called ‘Aye, Aye Captain’ – thank you Jane. The musical duo, Howard and Dave provided superb entertainment. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the day memorable and successful.


June 26th– The Ping 4 BBB was won by Cathy Fineran and Dawn White with 48 points, congratulations are in order, onwards and upwards for the finals later this year.


Friday Roll-Ups – Bookings are via BRS or by telephone to the Range Reception. When booking electronically on BRS, there are specific times stated, but these are NOTyour Tee times. Arrival for Friday morning friendly golf is 10.15am at the Range where balls are thrown up to decide who plays with whom, first Tee 10.30am.(approx.)


Junior Golf –Chris McEwan is doing a wonderful job with her team of volunteers and she reports as follows:

Last year, mid-season we started to hold some junior comps. on the Academy course for junior members/non- members with a view to attracting them to play and join the golf club. The sessions are free to juniors who are members at HLPGC with a £2.00 fee for non-members. Although the numbers were small last year, this year we have already seen an increase.

This year we have introduced a number of improvements in order to provide an enjoyable and competitive experience, including Divisions and a HLPGC society handicap.
High Legh Park Golf Club Academy Junior Society Divisions.
Three Divisions have been introduced as follows:
Bronze- juniors who are new to playing on a golf course or new to golf. They participate in coaching/fun on the 6 hole pitch and putt course.
Silver- Juniors who have completed training in Bronze Division and are ready to play on the Academy Course or juniors who are known to already be capable of playing the 9 hole course. A HLPGC society handicap of 66 (double the par for each hole) is allocated. The handicap is then adjusted when they play under their handicap. The Academy Junior Society Handicap does not increase, so if a junior has a bad round their handicap does not change.
Gold- Juniors who are members of a recognised golf club with a CONGU handicap and juniors who have attained a HLPGC Academy Junior Society Handicap of 54. Juniors with a CONGU handicap are regulated in accordance with CONGU rules and guidelines.

To date, a junior coaching/fun competition on the 6 hole course and three 9 hole competitions on the Academy Course have taken place.

An adult escorts each group in the 9 hole Academy competitions to assist the Juniors with scoring and to encourage good etiquette. A prize presentation takes place following each competition with a nearest the pin prize awarded in the Silver and the Gold Divisions.

Full details of junior competitions/activities, a detailed explanation of the criteria for Divisions and Handicaps together with the results and Junior Blog of activities held, can be found on under the 'Junior' tab.

Thank you Chris and your Team for all your hard work as these young people are the future of golf.

Junior Captain Georgia helps with the Juniors and as I was in the right place at the right time, she and I have presented the cups and medals.


Contact List Amendments:

Jo Gould                Mobile: 07807 293222

Lynda Craig         Mobile: 07867 794630

Lesley Hewison                  Landline: 01565 650125
Maz Whiteley    Resigned


Plate Team v Knutsford – Loss

Business Ladies v Astbury - Win
Friendly v Holdsworth – Draw

Plate Team v Birchwood - Loss
Annodata v Romiley – Win ( through to fourth round)
B Team v Mellor & Townscliffe – Cxld. – 

(team problems at M & T) 
Plate Team v Knutsford  – Win


 As always, our Ladies continue to give their time and best efforts to proudly represent our Club. Well done & thanks to everyone.



Forthcoming Dates:

July 3rd- Lady Captain’s Claret Jug Day. Please note – for the 24 hole Claret Jug Competition, the order of play will be in handicap order and the Tee time adjustments will take place on Sunday July 1st. The moral of the story is to double check your starting time after Sunday. There is a special menu available from the bar now so everyone can pre-order their lunch. Please make sure you do this before playing on Tuesday morning.

It would be really nice if as many ladies as possible can stay for the Prize Presentation in the late afternoon.


July 10th– Chris Mallion Trophy. This is a very popular competition and Chris’ daughter Jess and maybe son Gareth will be coming to present the Trophy. It will be approximately 3.30pm to 4pm. And it would be much appreciated if as many ladies as possible could stay for the presentation.


24th July – Ladies Open Day. In addition there will be an 18 hole competition on the Academy Course for those not wishing to play in the ‘Open’.


2nd August – Captains’ Charity Day -  We are now looking for Hole Sponsors at £100 per hole and NTP and LD at £50 per hole. In addition, if you can donate raffle and/or auction prizes, we would be most grateful. Contact details are on the Notice Boards and in the Club House. Judith Guest is our raffle organiser. Team bookings are now being taken.


21stAugust – Ladies Invitation Day. The sign- up sheet will be on the Notice Board week comm. July2nd.

Water Hazards (Rule 26)



If your ball is in a water hazard (YELLOW STAKESand/or lines) you may play it as it lies or, under penalty of one stroke:

  1. Play a ball from where your last shot was played, or


  1. Drop a ball ANY DISTANCEbehind the water hazard keeping a straight line between the hole, the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard and the spot on which the ball is dropped.


If your ball is in a LATERAL WATER HAZARDand/or lines), in ADDITIONto the options for a ball in a water hazard(yellow stakes, see above), under penalty of one stroke, you may drop a ball within two club lengths of, and not nearer the hole than:

  1. The point where the ball LASTcrossed the margin of the hazard, or


  1. A point on the opposite side of the hazard equidistant to the hole from the point where the ball last crossed the margin (this part would cover the 17thhole on the left of the bridge only if, say, you hooked it from the right, not if you crossed it near the tee).

NB. It is permissible to drop your ball ANY DISTANCEas at point ‘b’ above for both yellow and red stakes, but not nearer the hole.


On hole 17, it is ‘recommended’to take 3 off the tee as it is extremely difficult (because of the scrub) to see the point at which the first ball crossed the hazard.

An amusing incidenttook place in the Range Reception recently when Mary Gomme introduced me and my husband, Nev to her grandsons and when I said Nev helps me with paperwork, Isaac asked ‘Does that mean he is Lady Captain’s servant’? Later the same afternoon, Nev was collecting for Macmillan Nurses at High Legh Garden Centre and Isaac exclaimed ‘Look Granny, there’s Lady Captain’s Servant’! Nev thinks his title is very appropriate and it will probably last a long time.


June 29th Supper Golf continues to be ever popular, even more so for Wendy Ashton who achieved a ‘Hole In One’ on the 4thHole of the Championship Course.

Hooray for Wendy!


Yours in Friendship,




Lady Captain

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