The popular Winter quizzes are returning to see which group can become the 2019/20 champions and win loads of great prizes. Last year 19 teams battled it out and in the end High Legh Questionable regained their title after winning the 2014/15 season. Can they go on to win it for a third time or will there be a new group of champions this season?

Only time will tell.

Tickets are £12.00

(£1 goes towards prizes)

Tickets include meal halfway through the quiz and a pint of beer, small glass of wine or a soft drink.




Friday 25th October

Friday 22nd November

Friday 13th December

Friday 24th January

Friday 21st February

The Final Quiz Has Been Postponed



The quiz nights will be based on 18 categories that represent each hole on the course. The 1st hole is a par 5 therefore the 1st category will have either 5 questions or 5 answers.

The scores at the end of the quiz will be converted into a golf score and the team with the lowest score on the night wins that quiz. In the event of a tie for the night a count back of best back 9, 6, 3 or 1 will decided the winner.



The quizzes will take place over 6 nights. The first place team of each night will win a prize. The overall winners will be decided from the average of their best 3 scores. If tied the average of their best 4 scores will be used and so on. If a team cannot contribute a 4th score or all 6 scores are tied, the winners will be decided in a play off quiz. 

A maximum of 6 players are allowed in each team. A team may have more than 6 players, however, they can only use that score  on the night and not use that score to contribute as one of their best scores in the overall quiz prize.


Players may change over the 6 nights however only a maximum of 6 prizes will be provided if they win on the final night.

The following handicapping system will be used for teams with less or more than 6 players:

Team of 2 will receive a -10 deduction

Team of 3 will receive a -7 deduction

Team of 4 will receive a -5 deduction

Team of 5 will receive a -2 deduction

Team of 7 will receive a +3 addition

Team of 8 will receive a +6 addition